What if we had a pandemic and learned ...

What if we had a pandemic and learned important life lessons that we didn't forget when it was over?

What if, after homeschooling children, parents, taxpayers and leaders realized that teachers deserve all the support we can give them, including livable pay, graceful retirement, and healthcare (more to come on that)?

What if, after watching our neighborhood businesses, owned by familiar people, sometimes friends, close due to illness or the impossibility of continuing with diminishing revenues, we learned that "mom & pop" stores are the backbone of our communities, the color of our culture, and deserve our support even though their product might be a little more expensive than a big box store or chain restaurant?

What if we realized that without our daily services; trash collection, mail delivery, food-store stocking, we wouldn't be able to maintain until this crisis is over?

What if we finally realized that a basic safety net including healthcare for all (whatever it's called), is necessary to ensure a vibrant, thinking and thoughtful community. In the 21st century, we shouldn't be hearing that people are dying because they don't have access to care in the strongest country in the world. If children are our future, we have to make sure they make it to the future.

And finally, but most importantly, what if we acknowledged the personal sacrifices made by our first responders (my own son included, for whom I am very worried) who fight every day to keep people alive, while at the same time are putting themselves and their families at risk. What if their educational costs were erased as a thank you from a grateful nation?

What happens if we don't forget?

We learn.


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