Keeping head and heart intact!

This is week three, I think, of the stay at home, self-quarantine portion of the COVID-19 situation. I started working from home full-time March 16, and it sounded really good at first. Until I became constantly attached, connected and online. I was always checking my phone to see if any of my coworkers needed anything, or if any of my constituents needed anything from me as a freeholder. For me, this makes it difficult to detach, and even get a good night's sleep. And Caren without sleep is not a good thing!

So I've learned that boundaries are necessary. And a person might have to work at establishing those and keeping work, home, leisure, professional lives separate, while still maintaining a level of engagement so that all needs are attended to.

And what am I doing to keep my head healthy? This week, we painted and installed 4 new birdhouses, I learned how to groom the dog (sorry Smokey), and started seedlings for a vegetable garden.

Tell me what you're doing, or if you need anything. I might not have an answer, but chances are, I know someone who will.

Keep in touch and stay safe. And even if you mess up grooming the dog, that fur will grow back before the quarantine is over. No one will ever know!


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