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Keep Calm. Stay Safe.

This shutdown will have a lasting effect on our society, long after the pandemic passes into memory. I believe we will eventually look back on this time and think of events as being before, or after, COVID-19.

My optimistic nature leads me to trust that we will learn from this experience, and discover, among other things, just how much we can accomplish with the virtual tools at our disposal. That we discover that even the most basic jobs are just as critical to our daily lives as the most technical. That we can, in fact, balance life and work, and that time spent leisurely, is as important as time spent producing, selling, and creating.

Let's get through this difficult time and become the change we wish to see in the world. Where people are valued more than objects, lives more than money, and where everyone is able to enjoy the basic necessities of life. Because that truly is the American dream.


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