If Anything Were Possible ...

Thanks to the Absecon Democratic Club, which held a candidate forum last night. I want to particularly thank the young man who asked me if the best situation happened, and we flipped the Board of Chosen Freeholders BLUE, what would I wish for-what would I do first? I stopped in my tracks. There are so many situations in the County that could be changed with a change of priority. But the answer he was looking for: What specific changes would I make-is more difficult than a wish list.

Our form of government, County Executive and Freeholders, is unique. So much so, that only five NJ counties have this form. The other 16 counties have administrative Freeholders, each of whom manage departments of their county, and a Freeholder Director. The saying goes, in Atlantic, "the Administration proposes, the Freeholders dispose." Meaning we vote up or down on propositions made by the Administration of the County.

So to answer the question, my wish list, should we gain a Democratic majority, would be that finally, the two portions of County government would work together, exchanging ideas, and expanding the thought process behind the County's business instead of working in lockstep with each other.



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