Earth Day 2020

It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day-something positive happening in these trying times. Yes, positive, because maybe we'll realize we can get everything we need done without clogging highways with gas-powered vehicles. Technology can give us what we've needed, an ability to work in place; saving time for family and self, saving scarce resources, and even changing processes that will help the environment. For the first time in decades, the air in Los Angeles is clear, after only a month of curtailed driving! And in India, the Himalayan Mountains are visible-for the first time in the lives of many people.

The first Earth Day I remember was 1971- Jordan Road School in Somers Point, Mr. Eckerson's sixth grade ... I think all the sixth grades took part-a big celebration at the baseball fields off Bethel Road, followed by a presentation at the City Council meeting that night. We were so optimistic, thinking we could make a difference. Remember, it was the Viet Nam era, protests at colleges around the country. Even as 12-year-olds, we wanted to do our part to help.

I still want to do my part to help our community. As Freeholder, I'm able to help influence decisions that affect our environment and our future in Atlantic County, like the recent authorization for the purchase of two electric vehicles with help from a grant from the BPU.

Today, I'm asking for your support to help me keep my seat on the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Thank you.


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