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Hi, I'm Caren

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Hello! I’m Caren Fitzpatrick, and I’m your Atlantic County Commissioner at Large.

I’m the director of finance & administration at  Visit Atlantic City (formerly Meet AC), the organization that is charged with bringing meetings and conventions to Atlantic City. We’re an economic development agency and are committed to the success of Atlantic City. I’ve done this sort of work for more than 20 years in both for profit and nonprofit organizations, giving me deep and varied experiences in budgeting, forecasting and fiscal responsibility. I am a fiscal conservative.

I’ve lived in Atlantic County all my life, including years spent living in Pleasantville, Somers Point and Linwood. I graduated from Mainland Regional High School, Atlantic Community College (as it was known in 1995)--AAS/Accounting, Thomas Edison State College-BS Business Administration, and Stockton University-Masters Business Administration. My father was a professor of philosophy at ACC, and taught me to question. Everything.

Brian and I were married in 1980. We raised two sons, Brian and Duncan, and in 2014, Brian gave me the daughter I never had, my daughter in-law, Meghan. I am now the proud bubbie of a beautiful granddaughter, Cassidy and precious grandson, Dylan.

I believe in people, their right to equal opportunities, and I enjoy the amazing diversity of our County. We are all better off when we learn about each other and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.

I’m a feminist, meaning I support all people having an equal voice in their lives. We all prosper when we have a variety of opinions and thoughts regarding the decisions we make. Everybody brings something unique to the table.

I’m PERSISTENT! Some of the best advice I’ve received in my life was from my Aunt Judy, who told me “be pushy dear!” I don’t like to give up, and won’t give up when acting on behalf of the citizens of Atlantic County. 

Please work with me to keep moving Atlantic County forward. I'll see you around the County!


Equality Meets Opportunity

Caren believes that everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream, but all too often we are not working with a level playing field. Advantages and privilege exist in certain communities, while others are left behind or left out. Good government has the ability to equalize the balance of power and give everyone the opportunity to succeed. 


What Caren Fights For

Everyone has things that are important to them, and while we may disagree on details, what is important are your values. These are the things Caren thinks are important, not only to her, but to the voters of Atlantic County.


I'm on the Leadership Council of Elected Officials Protecting America and am involved with Payupbigpolluters. Repairs and construction to mitigate flooding in Atlantic County should be paid for by Big Oil-Just like Big Tobacco, the fossil fuel industry must be held accountable for the damage they KNEW they were doing since the 1960s.

 With our economic driver and largest employer located on and island, this issue affects all County residents, no matter their political affiliation.


Everyone has their tipping point. I knew the impact of COVID's "supply chain" issues was real when bacon hit $10 a pound. Food, clothing, property taxes are all impacting residents' quality of life. We need representatives who understand how to manage a limited budget. I've been doing that for more than 25 years.


NJ leaders showed we value women's healthcare when they passed the Reproductive freedom Act. But with the reversal of Roe v Wade, all American women are in danger of losing their right to privacy and sovereignty over their own bodies. NJ should add women's healthcare rights to the State Constitution, guaranteeing NJ women (and those who must travel here) freedom to choose their futures.


  Acting as an ally to the community working its way toward equality is an honor. Whether maneuvering government systems, accompanying someone through their journey toward personal power, or calling out inequitable treatment, I will always stand with our hard working  residents. Review all renewing contracts to be sure they continue to fit the needs of Atlantic County. As contracts come up for renewal, conditions may have changed. Fiscal, environmental, social conditions should be evaluated thoroughly to ensure we are not doing the same thing over again when needs may be different.


Atlantic County residents deserve property tax relief. We need new thinking to change how our taxes are applied to the services residents need.

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